CRM Cloud solutions are available for each key part of your business. Some of the most common software solutions found in our custom implementations and development projects are:

Keep track of your consultant's time worked alongside clients. Manage time for projects and tasks, and use this to generate more efficient and productive scheduling. Insight gained from how projects are performing can be a difference maker when deadlines are critical. Typically timesheet software allows to you distinguish between billable and non-billable time as well as set different billing rates for different situations and roles Manage the approval process with high accuracy. Timesheet Software handles how expenses are calculated and prevents excess as well.

Expense management software enables consultants and employers to efficiently communicate and manage expense records. Consultants can lodge their expenses, managers can approve them, and financial can reimburse them while charging the client accordingly.

Prioritize tasks and scheduling with automated project management software. Lay out the key tasks that need to be done, organize them on a time schedule, and assign responsibilities to each role. Run reports to see how projects are performing, and identify any emerging issues.

CRM software is the leading software solution to building business relationships that will last. Keep track of client contact details through to a more sophisticated system that manages your sales prospects and records all interactions.

People are one of your biggest assets, HR management software takes those assets even further. Keep track of all your staff, manage their training and development schedules, and streamline the recruiting process. HR management software streamlines time consuming processes so you can allocate time elsewhere. Sub-types include Learning Management System (LMS) and Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Manage all aspects of your management consulting practice with a single, integrated system. There are typically modules available to handle each of the above specialist functions, such as timesheet, expenses, project management, CRM, and HRM. If your consultancy is large and growing, it may well be worth investing in a fully-integrated solution. See case studies on ERP for professional service firms here.

SaaS-Jobs a Horizon Consulting Suite product, is a search engine designed specifically for Salesforce career openings and requirements. With SaaS-Jobs paid clients can post their Salesforce requirements and the candidates can easily search all types or requirement and opening. For the paid clients this application provides more categorized way of finding the right candidates as per their specification. Also, Horizon Consulting Inc. will be unveiling mobile applications in various platforms as well as a web based dashboard that can be customized by companies engaged in Salesforce hiring.