Welcome to Horizon Consulting Inc

( IT Consulting and Implementation Services )

  • Integrated Bussiness Management Solutions

    Manage all aspects of your management consulting practice with a single, integrated system.

  • Human Resource Management

    People are one of your biggest assets, so it is important you manage them appropriately.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Relationships are key in business development, and CRM software lets you be proactive.

  • Timesheet Management

    Keep track of your consultant's time against clients, projects and tasks, and use this to generate invoices and get insight on future development.

  • Project Management

    Keep your projects on track with our project management software. Lay out the key tasks and efficiently reach your goals.

  • Expense Management

    Track expenses and push your budget beyond with efficient and reliable information via our Expense management software.

  • Email Marketing

    Manage your email campaigns to clients, prospects, staff and alumni with powerful email marketing software.

  • Application Management

    We deliver application management software built on the force.com platform giving you unlimited flexibility and scalability for your company.

Why Us

We’re customer focused

At Horizon we are committed to providing top quality solutions and services that are Scalable, Long Term & Cost Optimized, as well as geared to generating maximum revenue for your work

We are available 24/7

  • Global Offices enable Horizon to answer questions and fulfill customer needs with zero down time.
  • Being a global company allows us to find the best talent anywhere in the world, as well as extend your company’s reach to new regions.
  • Competitive Rates

  • We offer the most competitive rates in the market for fulltime and contract placement.
  • All our candidates are screened prior to submission, so you spend your time with someone who fits your budget.
  • Have a standard placement rate? We can work on it, no haggling ever.
  • Powered by Cloud technologies

  • Because our company’s foundation is cloud based software and platforms we ensure the most up to date information is readily available all the time.
  • All our work is fully scalable to fit any company size.
  • Zero downtime waiting for new information.
  • Security, all our work is safe and available only to those who require access.
  • Horizon Commitment to Transparency

  • At Horizon we encourage the customer to ask questions, and we are prepared to answer any of them.
  • How much would it cost to implement this? What are your margins on this project?
  • If you want to know why we require certain resources, we will tell you upfront.
  • Socially Touch

    Finding us is very easy as we totally being the part of social media.

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